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Troops in Iraq for the Wrong Reasons

Posted: February 28, 2008 8:47 p.m.
Updated: April 30, 2008 5:03 a.m.
To The Editor:

My only disagreement with Mr. Colman's letter ("Please Vet Stories," Feb. 24, 2008) is this perpetuated myth that our servicemen fighting in Iraq are there "risking their lives in Iraq for our freedom." There are a lot of reasons why we're there, but "our freedom" isn't one of them.

Time for a reality check: Iraq did not attack us, nor was it going to attack us. There was no al-Qaida in Iraq, as they were Saddam's enemy. Dubya Bush (43) admitted Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11; there weren't any weapons of mass destruction as the U.N. inspectors told him and us.

There is mounting evidence that Dubya was bent on going to war there, for any reason, to secure the oil fields. He and his administration lied at least 965 times about the WMDs; The Downing Street memo proved his intentions. His energy policy group (big oil companies) in 2001 secretly examined detailed maps of Iraq's oil fields.

Dubya, Rummy and the rest tried to do what President Bush (41) did in Panama in 1989: go in and replace a dictator who was no longer taking his marching orders from Washington, but they underestimated the situation thinking the Iraqis would be pushovers and would be in the streets throwing flowers at our soldiers' feet. Do you remember the original title for the war? It was Operation Iraqi Liberation, a.k.a. O.I.L. (Unconscious subliminal message there from the Dubya Administration?).

Freedom is a very important ideal and an essential cornerstone of our democratic republic to which it seems many modern Americans have forgotten what that word truly means: Freedom from men storming your house at night; the right to worship free from persecution by those of another religion; the right to speak your political views without retribution; the right to engage in commerce without extortion; the right to walk safely at night without fear of torture; the right of privacy without government quartered in your house and noting your every move; the right to travel across town without official papers and explanation of purpose; the right to gather amongst friends and others in public and private.

These are some of the things our forefathers have fought for since the revolution.

To say that the men and women in uniform are in Iraq for our "freedom" is cheap - a betrayal of the sacrifices of our veterans before us, and a disservice to our valiant men and women risking their lives in the on-going occupation.

I love this country, and it disgusts me that "freedom" has been turned into a nice marketing slogan, a warm and fuzzy bumper sticker for the GOP faithful to wrap themselves warm at night.


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