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Do you think bullying is a problem at your school?

Posted: February 28, 2012 1:55 a.m.
Updated: February 28, 2012 1:55 a.m.

First place

Alissandra Penaranda

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think bullying is very mean, and I think it is at our school like a disease.

Once, I saw a kid fall on the ground, and another kid started kicking the other boy on the floor. Now, the kid has to wear a brace on his arm.

Another time, I was on the soccer field and people were hurting another kid.

Our teacher tells us stories of years past about other kids being bullied, like once, a girl was absent for a day or so, and a girl sat at her desk. My teacher caught her taking sticky notes and using them, and then she put them back. My teacher thought, well, she put them back. So the next day when the girl came back, when she opened her pencil box there were horrible notes. They made fun of her!

I wish I could stop bullying.

Thank you for listening to my story.


Second place

Christopher Kariuki

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

In my school, I see bullying everywhere I turn. Kids do that all the time to show how cool they are or impress their friends.

Well, if they do, I could predict in their future I see them with no life, hopeless and wishing they could reverse time.

Many people want to know why I don’t like school. Almost everyone thinks it’s the learning, but the puzzle won’t fit in their heads. I’m an A+ student.

The true reason why is that I used to be bullied, especially in fourth grade.

Everyone who ever despised me was in that very class. I would have done anything to get out of there, but all I could do was wait and be patient till the school year was over. I’m never in a happy and cheerful mood.

If you are or want to be a great person, do the exact opposite of bullying.

If you see bullying going on, tell a responsible adult. You won’t be a tattle-tale, you’ll be helping someone in need.

So, where I’m going is, you should respect what you have now and happiness will come your way.


Third place

Shay Hulin

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think that my school has a couple of bullies, and here are some examples of them:

Last year, Fred punched Jeanette in the stomach. Timothy and Fred call each other names.

Also, people steal other people’s belongings, such as hats, pencils, erasers, food and jackets.

One thing that is weird at my school is that some kids made up a game where you call each other names, for example, “meatloaf,” “prune,” “chicken” and more.

Most of the boy kindergartners wrestle each other. I have only seen two in action, but I know they are not the only ones.

And some bullies are funny, but mean. For example, this kindergartner on my bus called me a big baby (it is funny, but mean and rude). That same kindergartner is mean to all the other girl kindergartners, but I think she’s jealous of them.

Also, that little girl won’t be my friend because I’m friends with a couple of other kindergartners.

On top of that, she tries to get me in trouble for helping a kindergarten teacher in a classroom.

I think that people should stop bullying people and other things because it is bad, cruel, harsh, rude, sad and, most of all, mean.


Jylen L. Whitten

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Bullying is an aggressive behavior and a big problem. That is why we need to end bullying world-wide, especially at school. Bullying is a bad thing to do anywhere, but can be worse at school.

Bullies are mean. Bullies do it to impress people, or because they’ve been bullied. Bullying is a problem at school because that is where most kids are. Kids who don’t fit in are usually picked on at school. School is where we are supposed to have fun and learn, not pick on people because you’re older or bigger.

Kids at school who get teased need to stand up to bullies and do what is right by telling an adult or teacher. Kids who are bullied sometimes won’t tell because they are afraid of retaliation.

There are different kinds of bullies.

There are emotional bullies. They call you names, say mean things and spread rumors. Mean words such as stupid, nerd or idiot are hurtful.

Some bullies hurt people physically. They like to see people cry.

I have never been bullied, but I know people who have. They get called mean names, are threatened and pushed around. Luckily, it doesn’t happen much at my school.


Ivan Gonzalez

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think there is bullying at this school because I see kids throwing hats and lunch boxes, and even teasing around this school.

I once saw a kid teasing another kid about his clothing and how he looks. That was when it was the first day of school. The other kid was getting mad and he was talking back like a bully.

I also saw this kid throwing his lunch box back and forth until the young fella started to cry.


Madison Coyle

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, I know there is bullying at my school because I am bullied all the time. I used to wear braces, and a bunch of people would call me “brace face” or “train tracks.”

Now, I don’t have braces, and I got them off on Jan. 4.

I was also bullied by someone, and they called me names all the time.

Once, I was hanging out with my friends at the lunch table, and the bully called me a bad word.

They have also called me “froggy buns.”


Alan Montoya

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I do not know if there is any bullying at my school, but there was before. I got bullied last year — not just me, my friends, too.

The people who bullied me don’t come here anymore. That is good.


Sonia Flores

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I have been bullied about my hair when I was smaller. I hated that, and I am sure that if anybody else has gotten bullied, they will hate it as much as me.

One of my friends is always being called tiny, and I just think the boys bully. Well, some of the boys.

In our school, it’s always exciting, but if other people are mean, that ruins the fun and games.

 In other schools, bullying is a problem.


Parker Brenes

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think bullying should no longer exist at schools anymore, because of the people who come to school happy, but get bullied by bigger kids.

Bullying is just an unnecessary thing to do to kids.

I remember one kid at our school who got bullied by a fifth-grader.

I think bullying should be banned forever.

With just work, people can make a big difference.


Sandra Vega

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Bullying means picking on someone who is weaker than you.

I don’t think this school has a problem with bullying. But it might have a few years back.

My brother used to be picked on by these fifth-graders. They used to call him names and poke him. He didn’t like them or being picked on. But he is in middle school now and isn’t being picked on anymore.


Crystal Orozco

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I don’t think there is any bullying at our school, Live Oak. It is probably because I have never done it or had it happen to me.

There is probably somewhere in the school that someone is bullying someone else.

I think that the person thinks they are cool, but they are not.


Emma McCann

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I haven’t seen anyone get bullied at my school. I think that it’s not a problem, but some kids have seen people get bullied, and I haven’t seen it.

Most kids at my school are nice and are not mean.

If kids are getting bullied, I hope that changes and never happens again. That’s what I think.


Vince Quintana

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think there is a problem at my school because I have been bullied there by other kids.

 I don’t think bullying is OK, because it is mean and could hurt other people’s bodies or feelings.

I once saw my friend getting bullied, and before he got punched, I grabbed that person’s arm and told her to get away from him, and that she was nothing but a bully.


Anthony Galvez

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, because I see kids pushing other kids, and at recess I hear kids calling kids names. I also see kids punching each other.

Sometimes, kids kick or knee kids in the back or on the legs.

Also, I see kids gang up on other kids, and kids also throw stuff at kids.


Pamela Razalan

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

If you don’t know what a bully or bullying is, it’s when someone frightens you or someone who teases you.

In our school, there aren’t very many bullies, but there are some of them. In my class, there’s a lot of boys who tease me, my friend and mostly some more.

Sometimes, they hurt my friends’ feelings.

There might be more bullies, but if they bug you, go tell on them. They can’t hurt you or your feelings if you tell an adult or a teacher.


Hailey Salvio

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

There is bullying at my school.

I’ve seen people laugh at other people, or at soccer when somebody kicks the ball in the wrong goal and they give them a hard time, or when they kick mud at each other and hit them with the soccer ball and don’t apologize.

I really think it’s sad how they treat everybody.

Everybody should be treated with kindness and respect, even if you don’t like them.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


Angel Cruz

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think there is a problem at our school because boys and girls just want to be cool.

They think they’re all bad.

I think they don’t even know what is cool.

 I wonder how the kid that is getting picked on feels afterward.

Sometimes, the bullies say that they’re just playing around.

I don’t know if other people think that is playing, but to me that is making other people feel bad or sad.

Some of the kids that are getting picked on still invite the bully to their houses.

 I wonder if the evil, horrible bully feels happiness, sadness, excitement or badness.

That is why we always try to stop bullying.


Sam Card

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think there is no bullying at my school.

I barely ever see kids beating each other up or cyber-bullying.

But people do cuss at each other for no reason.

I think we can stop this by having more freedom.

My version of bullying is a yard duty. They are there to yell at you for no reason. It would be cool if we could talk at lunch and be able to have fun.


Alex Ruelas

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think bullying is a problem because I got bullied by a boy in fourth grade. It hurt until I figured out I can tell my parents, and they can tell the principal.

Bullying is a big problem at many schools.

You can hurt many people by picking on them by their size or calling them names.

Even cyber-bullying is bad at schools.

Some fourth- and fifth-graders may have phones, and they can text one another and hurt each others’ feelings.

If you see someone getting bullied, you should try to get that person a little cheerful. You may think people are just joking, but, actually, they’re hurting someone else’s feelings and heart.

How about you try to stop bullying? Then there would be peace in your school and in the world.


Eusebio Morales

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

I think there is no bullying in my school, because I’ve never seen somebody being mean to other students and calling them names or fighting in my school.

Because everyone in my school is nice to each other and shows respect.


Michael Campos

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, I think there is a problem with bullying at my school, because I can see a lot on the playground at recess and lunch recess.

I know a lot of people who have been bullied and it does not look fun anywhere at any time.

Sometimes, bullying never stops.


Matthew Ruiz

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, because I have seen and heard it many times. Our principal tries, and some people don’t care like me.

I heard people calling each other names, and I want everyone to stop, but it’s not happening.

 I just don’t like it. It’s not fair to people you care for and everything.

I just don’t know why people will not stop, but I want it to.


Joshua Richard

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, I think there are a lot of ways to be bullied. Like if you’re little and younger than someone who likes to pick on you. That’s a way that people bully you.

Another way is if you’re on the computer and a message pops up and it says, “You’re an idiot.” That’s another way to be bullied, but it is called cyber-bullying.

Another way is getting punched, kicked and terribly getting beat up.

Bullying is not fun, so if someone bullies you, don’t bully anybody else.

P.S.: Please don’t cuss.


Robert Barajas

Grade 5

Live Oak Elementary School

Yes, I think there is a bullying problem at my school.

Once, somebody pushed my friend off a swing just because it was his favorite one, even though all the other swings were open.



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