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Uncle Earl’s view on the election

Right About Now

Posted: November 20, 2008 9:17 p.m.
Updated: November 21, 2008 4:55 a.m.
My Uncle Earl has voted for every Republican since Barry Goldwater in '64.

To say Earl is little right wing is akin to saying that Chuck Norris has a slightly hard edge.

Earl was very upset about the election. From the last phone call with him, I could tell that a couple of hours venting was all he needed to get back to his regular old crusty self.

Dutiful nephew that I am, I paid him a visit to provide his "therapy."

Me: Earl, I can't believe you are disappointed in the election. I mean, hope and change were what the American people wanted and they got that in Obama.

Earl: No. What the American people got was an inexperienced legislator with no proven leadership skills, a closet socialist, a military neophyte, and an empty suit.

Me: How did the Republican Party get beat so badly?

Earl: Can't you see it, boy? The Republicans became Democrats. They forgot they were the party of decreased taxes and smaller government. Of free enterprise and free will. Of hope and opportunity. Of honesty and integrity.

Me: Everyone seems to hate George Bush these days. What part did he play in all of this?

Earl: He failed to be honest and transparent with the American people. He looked the other way when evil men were plundering the markets under the guise of free enterprise. He betrayed his party and this nation's workers when he favored illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens.

Me: But, Earl. President Bush was not the total failure that the left would have us believe.

Earl: Of course not. How many terrorist bombs blew up on U.S. soil after 9/11? Not one. As time passes, I think the story will be told of all the incredible terrorist situations that Mr. Bush had to manage but could not share with the general public. And, let's face it, the American economy had an astounding lucky streak.

Economies usually cycle up and down - that's been the pattern for as long as we can remember. The economy was due to contract and it is in the process of doing so.

Due to the incredibly stupid housing-lending practices forced on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by the Clintons, this recession will be far deeper and longer than it needs to be.

Me: Well, how can we fix it? What is your solution?

Earl: I sure as heck wouldn't start raising taxes like all of these bonehead politicians are proposing to do! Think about it - people are losing their savings, jobs, and homes. And the Democrats want to raise taxes?

How does that make sense?

The size of government must be reduced. Give the state employee unions a choice: Lose 10 percent of the workers or cut 10 percent pay for everyone. And stop paying outrageous retirement packages to state workers. Create a matching 401(k) program and make them contribute like everyone else. No more cushy pensions.

Me: What about Proposition 8? Did you see all of the anti-8 protesters after the election?

Earl: What? You mean the petulant children who didn't get their way? The people of California have spoken twice now regarding gay marriage, and this laughable group still wants to contest the issue. Here's my advice to them: Get over it. You lost.

Another thing. Stop trying to make gay rights the moral equivalent to the Civil Rights struggle of the '60s. Civil rights for a racial group is not the same as rights for those practicing a behavior. It's not the "next thing coming," as many on the left are saying.

As long as there is moral fabric in this nation, marriage will continue to be defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Picketing and intimidating Mormon, Catholic and Protestant churches is simply wrong. And it is quite foolish. If all of these churches closed ranks in response to an external threat, they would be a force to be reckoned with in the next election.

Me: One last thing. How do you feel about the new high-speed rail initiative?

Earl: Let me put it this way. Have you ever gotten involved in a project and then got in too deep?

Say you spent $200 to paint your kitchen but then got into refinishing the cabinets, replacing the linoleum, putting in the new stainless sink and getting rid of the termite damage.

Before you know it, your $200 job is now $10,000. That is how it will be on this project. The $10 billion will turn to $50 billion, then $100 billion.

And all for a transport system that is inferior and more expensive than airplanes. Laughable.

Me: Earl, you've made some good points. And I hope you feel better now. Or maybe in four years.

Steve Lunetta is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views, not necessarily those of The Signal. "Right About Now" runs Fridays in The Signal and rotates among local Republican writers.


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