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Voting youth shows maturity

Posted: November 24, 2008 9:17 p.m.
Updated: November 25, 2008 4:30 a.m.

Fox News, conservative radio instigators and the Republican leadership have been scrambling as of late to redefine themselves.

After reeling from a landslide victory for regime change, the Grand Old Party is no longer grand and it's no longer having a party. All that's left is just the Old.

This month Democratic candidates were swept into office by youth (18-29), blacks, Hispanics, Asians, minorities of all sort, the college educated, the middle class, the working class, the working poor, the working rich, those 30 to 64 years of age, environmentalists, progressives, moderates, independents - oh, and women.

There is nothing wrong with the wisdom of age, but it seems like the only demographics voting for McCain and his immature campaign of "smear the other guy" were those "values voters" who do what they are told or those who attended high school (I didn't say graduate) in the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.

Fox News brags that Republicans posted a victory in most rural counties. That's where there aren't lots of people.

"But things can only get better next time," claims the news network proud of its "fair and balanced" reporting.

In this election cycle, the choices for president were simple. Obama presented his case for change and said, "This is what I want to do." Our president-elect then went on to list how he proposed that we do it.
In great contrast, McCain would begin with, "My opponent ..." and proceed to lash out in unfounded and exaggerated attacks.

Sounding like a grade-school bully, McCain claimed of Obama, "He will raise your taxes," "He hangs out with terrorists" and "He wants to redistribute (your) wealth."

His was not a constructive message. Most of America did not buy into the tried and true tactics of "promise safety, support greed, and generate uncertainty about the opponent."

I am so glad that most of America, and especially our youth, displayed logic, rational thinking and maturity.

Strange how the Republicans never really addressed why the current administration, their administration, undermined the moral, economic and military strength necessary to stabilize our society and inspire the community of nations.

Bush and his cronies pushed for taxpayer funds to bail out the Wall Street rich, yet they are still sitting on their hands when it comes to aiding everyday people.

Bush staffed posts with ideologues rather than the competent. Bush and the Republican Congress ran up trillions in deficits and created the largest expansion in government in U.S. history.

Bush lost the very cooperation that makes a world power a world power. And Bush suspended the very rights freedom is all about in order to protect it.

No wonder most voters wanted change. Obama's change message was affirmed by 66,882,230 voting citizens.

A maturing electorate is bad news for the Republican Party and even for some local incumbents. Voters will now start questioning the actions from our officials who seem to say one thing and do another.

Congressman McKeon is now touting his position of holding companies accountable for taxpayer relief funds, yet he voted in favor of both bailout packages in September and October that had the very same vague language he is supposedly against.

State Sen. George Runner, who claims to be Mr. Law and Order, has not voted in favor of any crime reform bill since 2006, can't introduce one that will pass, and helped author Jessica's Bill that was deemed unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court, will cost millions, and would change nothing.

And despite what state Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has said about what he is for or against, who can point to any change that has occurred since he began representing us in Sacramento?

Most voters are interested in how we can better care for each other and in how to make our planet a better place. People have stopped responding to personal slurs as a campaign strategy.

The most mature and thoughtful have always been those who hold humanity and the planet first, nation and neighborhood second, and imposing one's own beliefs over others last.

It looks like much of the electorate has grown up. And it finally looks like the Republican Party will have to grow up, too.

One can only hope the "new Republican Party" will demonstrate the maturity and wisdom shown by millions of younger Americans this November.

Jonathan Kraut is a Fair Oaks Ranch resident and president of the Democratic Club of the Santa Clarita Valley. His column reflects his own views, not necessarily those of The Signal.


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