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A portable home spa can be a very wonderful thing

Posted: April 7, 2012 1:55 a.m.
Updated: April 7, 2012 1:55 a.m.
The Chelsee, foreground, is among the top sellers among portable spas available at Hydro-Spa in Saugus. The Chelsee, foreground, is among the top sellers among portable spas available at Hydro-Spa in Saugus.
The Chelsee, foreground, is among the top sellers among portable spas available at Hydro-Spa in Saugus.

Are you suffering from aches, pains, tension or stress? Do you wish you could dip your old body in healing waters?

If so, a portable spa may be just the thing you need in your backyard.

According to Gary McDonnell, store manager at Hydro-Spa in Saugus, spas are very therapeutic, easing the pain of arthritis, as well as other aches and pains, and helping you sleep better.

“I have a lot of people who bought spas for pain, and they see a tremendous difference in just two to three days,” he said. “It really does take away your aches and pains.”

Hydro-Spa has been in business at (nearly) the same location in Saugus for 16 years. But the business moved recently, about 30 yards away in the same shopping center at the corner of Bouquet Canyon Road and Seco Canyon Road. Hydro-Spa offers a variety of spas, from various manufacturers, but features Sundance portable spas, which McDonnell said are the No. 1 seller in the U.S.

“We sell Sundance mainly, but also Caldera, and Freeflow ‘plug and plays,’” he said.

While any type of a spa is a good thing for your aches and pains, a portable spa has several advantages over a permanent spa:

* Less cost: A top-of-the-line portable spa should be far less expensive than a permanent spa of similar size.

* Portable: A portable spa is just that. It doesn’t become a permanent fixture in your yard.

*  Ready when you are: Because you can keep your portable spa heated all the time, without incurring huge utility costs, it is ready to go any time you want to use it. You don’t have to heat it up first.

* Less maintenance: Many of the newer spas feature ultraviolet water purification systems that kill bacteria and algae and reduce your use of chemicals by up to 50 percent. “The UV systems have been added to all Sundance spas this year,” McDonnell said.


“If you want to get a quality spa, Sundance is usually at the top of the list,” McDonnell noted.

That being said, Hydro-Spa offers a range of portable spas, from $3,995 to $12,000. “The Chelsee (7’4” x 7’4”, $7,495) is one of our top sellers,” McDonnell said.

The larger spas require 220-volt power supplies and the smaller, “plug and plays,” as McDonnell calls them, only need a 110-volt outlet.

But he said the 110-volt spas can only use up to a two horsepower pump and only support a maximum of 25 jets. The 220-volt spas can support three, 2.5 horsepower pumps and 75 to 80 jets or more.

Many of the top-end spas also feature attractive lighting, small waterfalls and even built-in music systems. They also feature more and more powerful jets, pulsing jet settings, and a variety of jet/seating arrangements in the same spa, so you can “work on” different areas of your body, as you desire. Some have four-corner seating and some have lay-down lounge seats.

And, before purchasing any spa, McDonnell recommends you try out the seats to see how they feel on your body. “When you get a spa, you rotate seats, move around, and get different parts of your body massaged,” he said.

He added that different spas offer different levels of filtration, as well. For example, the 780 and 880 Sundance models can filter out particles as small as one micron. “They really filter well,” he said.

Depending on the size of your spa, it might have a two- to five-year warranty on the equipment and electronics, which comes with the purchase price. “Our warranties are not prorated, either,” McDonnell said.

Easy installation

When you purchase your spa from Hydro-Spa, the company will deliver it and set it up for you at no extra charge. “We prefer customers to have a cement slab and their finished electric (for 220 volt),” McDonnell said. “All our spas come with a step, a cover and a chemical kit. We’ll set up, fill the spa and put in chemicals. In four to six hours, depending on size, they are in their spa.”


McDonnell said all his spas meet California emission standards and so, depending on the size of the spa, will only raise your electricity bill about $25 to $50 per month.

When it comes to chemicals to maintain the water, while your need for them will depend on the purification system of your spa, the average cost for chemicals should be only $15 to $20 per month.

McDonnell reminded that, “If your spa has a UV water purification system it reduces your chemical use by 50 percent.”

The spas can be programmed to keep the water circulating 24 hours a day, which is a good idea because it keeps the water constantly running through the filtration system and helps keep the water clean.

Even so, he noted that you should drain your spa every four to six months, and clean your filters weekly.

And the most important maintenance tip, he said, is to always shower before you use your spa. “The water will last longer, with more clarity.”

When it comes to a group of kids using the spa, McDonnell said you might as well just let them have their fun. Then, the next day, you drain half or all of the water out of the spa. “It saves you a lot of headaches,” he said.

Hydro-Spa also sells a full range of pool and spa supplies, spa covers and even spa gazebos. For example, the Palms gazebo ($2,895) comes with a bar and two stools.

“We can also do in-ground or vaulted spas,” McDonnell said. And he noted Hydro-Spa can also provide service for your spa.

Hydro-Spa is located at 26871 Bouquet Canyon Road, Saugus, CA 91350 (in the shopping center at the corner of Bouquet and Seco). The phone number is (661) 297-4393.


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