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Arenson: Is the country better off, yet?

Posted: July 12, 2012 7:19 p.m.
Updated: July 12, 2012 7:19 p.m.

Keep your pictures and your dictionaries. You’ll need them for authentic reference for the United States of America you once knew. United? Less everyday. States? Only sovereign as this president dictates. America? Weakened and continually threatened. You’ll want to remember words like freedom, liberty, democracy, U.S. Constitution and responsibility. You’ll know dependence, socialism, Marxism and communism because you’ll be living it. 

President Barack Obama repeatedly declared he would not raise taxes in any form on the middle class by “one single dime” yet we have compulsory Obama Health Care (OHC) pulsing solely as a tax. The “Affordable Health Care Act” of nearly 3,000 pages passed exclusively by Democrats was not read by any of them but for the autocratic provision that opts all of them and their friends out. Nancy Pelosi parrots “It is good for America.”

It’s so good that the administration granted 1,372 waivers by June 2011 (per GAO). Of the 204 waivers issued in April 2011 alone, nearly 20 percent were in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco District. Numbers for 2012 are yet to be reported.

One fact is solid. Whatever you call it: PPACA, OHC, AHCA, ObamaCare, etc; the Democrats own it. Be forever mindful of that verifiable truth.

Premiums, co-pays etc have all increased significantly since 2010’s March Madness when Democrats bulldozed OHC. These detrimental costs will be outdone by all of the newly mandated taxes like on medical devices and higher capital gains and Medicare taxes. When you sell your home for $400,000 you will swiftly pay the IRS $15,200 due to the new 3.8 percent tax on home sales.

Democrats, led by Obama are indeed TEA Party members. It’s the Tax ‘Em Again Party and they are in high gear.
Obama often orates, “It’s the right thing to do,” as in his January 2011 State of the Union address, discussing the Dream Act and passing the Affordable Health Care Act. In one speech at Youngstown, Ohio, in May 2010 he spoke it 18 times.

Only in this imperialistic administration could an enthusiastic bunch of hypocritical politicians celebrate a forced health care system onto unwanting, hardworking Americans, telling them, “It’s the right thing to do” while at the very same moment exclude themselves, their staffs and their political friends from the right and good deal.

“Affordable” to many translates to “free.” But those whom Democrats deem able to pay, will. Workers will not be able to keep their present insurance or their chosen doctors if employers opt to pay the tax because it’s cheaper. Doctors will depart because Obama Health Care will pay each doctor the same rate irrespective of specialty (HB3200 pgs. 241 & 253) with the government setting the rates. How many will enter medical school?

Glaringly, the dollars from the tax will not go to health care; they will go into that governmental abyss called the U.S. Treasury’s general fund. The uninsured will remain uninsured and when they do seek treatment the rest of us will pay just as we do now.

A more veiled downside of the new health care law is the oppressive unemployment burden.

The oligarchical actions of this administration leave businesses unsteady with the inability to prudently plan their existence. Businesses are begging for relief from expensive, onerous regulations.

The Small Business Administration reports federal regulation costs have exceeded $1 trillion since 2005. The Federal Register published 3,807 new rules for 2012 (more than 10 per day) and 212 are “economically significant,” meaning they cost more than $100 million per year.

Senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center and former Bureau of Labor Statistics commissioner Keith Hall offers that should “disengaged” Americans, the 6 million who haven’t looked for work in just the prior four weeks, file for unemployment, the rate would jump to over 11 percent (CNNMoney 5/3/12).

Further, the Gallup report of the underemployed in the April 2012 U.S. workforce was 32 percent for 18-29 year olds and 12.7-14 percent for those 30 to 65 and over.

Believing the Obama-bent media blitz of an 8.2 percent unemployment rate is as naive as residing in Candy Land. America would be a different place if the Democrats had been the frenzied zealots for jobs as they were for socialized medicine. This lack of growth despotizes capitalism and promotes their class rule.

Close your eyes, breathe and think of all of the unilateral dictates by this administration, like forcing Obamacare in March 2010, and the lurid protections of Fast and Furious and the New Black Panthers voter intimidation. Now, imagine these unbridled decrees being done by Republicans.

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident.


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