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What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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Posted: December 22, 2008 8:47 p.m.
Updated: December 23, 2008 4:30 a.m.
First place
I have many family traditions. One of them is every Christmas I get a real tree. I get real Christmas trees because fake ones don't smell nearly as good as real trees. When you feel the pine leaves on your finger, you instantly feel the Christmas spirit. Real Christmas trees are like people. If you put Christmas lights and ornaments on it, it's like wearing a dress. On Christmas, our Christmas tree is like a gift for Santa Claus.
Katie Zeile
Helmers Elementary

Second place
My favorite holiday tradition rolls around at Christmas time.
Giving and receiving, appreciating your parents, it's very joyous.
Plus the pleasure of knowing it's a holiday.
It is also Jesus' birthday of when he was a mortal infant.
Our friends and family come visit and we eat a warm, happy dinner together. If it's raining, it just adds to the coziness.
Before Christmas, we decorate an emerald green Christmas tree and put gifts under the branches. It's probably average for lots of families to do this.
Usually every winter we also go to play in the mountains. Last year, we went to Big Bear Mountain. It was very cool. I hope we do that again.
Right before winter break, we give our teachers early Christmas gifts, since we won't be here on the actual Christmas Day.
For these reasons, I like December the most. I look forward to it every year and regret when it is over!
Abigail Yang
McGrath Elementary

Third place
My favorite holiday is ... Christmas!
When Christmas, my family and friends get together and we have a Christmas show at the ice rink.
After everyone finishes, someone dresses up in a Santa Claus (costume) and we all skate around. We play games on the ice with Santa.
Sometimes we make a wish list and give it someone, so they can get it for you! Also, around Christmas the ice rink decorates the rink. Last year they put sparkle stuff on the poles of the rink. Some things hung down from them like Christmas trees, snowmen, presents and some other stuff I can't remember.
Another thing I like about Christmas is all the Christmas songs playing in stores, all the decorations, all the happy excited kids playing, all the people shopping for presents and all the things about Christmas! I really hope that will happen again this year!
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Julie Phengsy
McGrath Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is Easter because I spend a lot of time with my family and I have a lot of fun. We go find eggs together.
And Halloween. In Halloween we go trick or treat. And we let another person come to our house trick or treating.
I have a lot to thank those holidays (for). And I hope I spend more time with my family. I like spending time with my family.
Anthony Gverra
McGrath Elementary

My holiday tradition is when all my family gathers in a half circle around the fireplace. We stare for awhile feeling the warmth on our cheeks. We turn off the lights and let the red glow jump around. For a second, we feel nothing; no pain, hate, disappointment or sadness. We're just happy when it comes to holiday greetings.
Kimana Marquez
McGrath Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas. On Christmas we go everywhere. The place we go to is my grandma's house. We open presents and then we have dinner. Then we go to my mom's family, I get a lot of presents there. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. My family holiday tradition is always the same every year and that's the way I want it to be.
Monica Macias
McGrath Elementary

My family loves the holidays! Christmas is the most fun because all of our cousins and aunts and uncles come. There is a bunch of food and dogs running around the house. It's so much fun!
Thanksgiving is also fun event though my parents work that day. So I go to our close friend's house. We play games and eat a lot of turkey. There is always kids running.
On New Year's Eve we go to my cousin's house. We play and are happy. It's awesome!
On Easter we go on an egg hunt where our friends live. They have a big ranch and farm animals. We do a bunch of games and do an egg toss. A lot of people come.
Halloween is fun and delicious. We go trick-or-treating and have cool costumes. We go all the way around our block and get a lot of candy. Also, we don't buy our costumes but make them.
That's what my family does for those major holidays.
Angelina Maldonado
Helmers Elementary

One of my family's favorite holiday traditions is celebrating Christmas. On Christmas day we wake up at seven in the morning, wake up our parents, and run down stairs to see what presents we got. We would be so surprised to see the presents we wanted. After that we would go to my aunt's house for the Christmas party.
Hailey Ng
Helmers Elementary

For Christmas, my family comes over to my house like my uncles, aunts, grandmas and grandpas and my cousins. Sometimes my friends even come over too! We get a Christmas tree (of course) and cookies and carrots for Santa.
There is a game that we play called white elephant. You put your present in the middle and nobody knows what's inside it. Then you open it. If another person wants it, they may take your present on their turn. When the present gets passed around three times, the person who had it last gets it.
Another tradition is Thanksgiving. My mom, dad, and I go to my Aunt Debbie's house. For a Thanksgiving dinner, we go to a restaurant or we just have dinner at my Aunt Pam's and Uncle Charlie's house. My cousins Jessie and Alison sometimes eat with us. We eat turkey, stuffing and sometimes salad.
Mimi Mason
Helmers Elementary

My family's holiday traditions are: 1: for our birthdays, in the morning, we have a bowl of cereal. Then we get a piece of cake. Another tradition we have is on Christmas Eve, my sister and I get to open each other's presents to each other. My family has many more holiday traditions, but I just wrote a few. Thank you for reading this Signal article.
Jackson Bright
Helmers Elementary

In my family's tradition we go to my aunt and uncle's house to open presents on Christmas Eve. My cousins and I always have so much fun! We play musical instruments. We stay until about 10:45 p.m.
Garrett Karzin
Helmers Elementary


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