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Steve Lunetta: My Republican New Year's resolutions

Right About Now

Posted: December 28, 2008 8:08 p.m.
Updated: December 29, 2008 4:55 a.m.

At the end of every year, I think about resolutions that I should pursue in the coming year. It is a time for reflection and evaluation. What went well in 2008? What did not?

With the disastrous 2008 election, conservatives need to take a good, hard look at themselves and the direction of the Republican Party.

No, its not "hand-wringing" but an honest evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths of our approach and how we can improve.

After talking with Uncle Earl and my liberal friend Libby, I have decided to pursue the following resolutions for the New Year:

Resolution 10: I resolve that I will not accept dishonesty or corruption from any public official, Republican or Democrat. I will be especially harsh on Republicans.

I am extremely tired of the tarnish that has smeared my party over the last several years. We must demand the resignation of any official who has compromised his/her morals or ethics.

Resolution 9: I promise that I will not denigrate, degrade, defame, deride, demoralize or speak in a derogatory fashion about the new administration. Wow. Screwed that one up already!

Resolution 8: I resolve that I will demand that the Republican National Committee pay more attention to the state of California and not simply use us as a cash cow. I will encourage all conservatives to support local candidates and not send our precious resources out of this state.

Resolution 7: I resolve that I will not give up on baseball, even though the New York Yankees seem to have all the cash in the world, buy all of the best players on the market and went on a horrific spending binge over the last couple of weeks. $180 million dollars over eight years for a single player? Are they serious? And they'll still finish behind the Rays and Sox. Snicker.

Resolution 6: I resolve that I will seek to be "greener" in 2009. I will do this not as a joke or a cynical response to the left but as an earnest effort to make things better.

Being environmentally conscious is something that we conservatives need to embrace - it's good for us and it makes good business sense.

Resolution 5: I resolve that I will talk about every boneheaded move that the Socialists in Sacramento attempt to make. Folks, we have a budgetary Armageddon ahead of us and very few realize it.

The failure of our legislators to work together, the political dominance of public employee unions, the lack of fiscal restraint by elected officials and the large amount of public debt voted into place by a deceived and ill-informed electorate has created the "perfect storm" of financial disaster.

Our little fishing boat is facing a 100-foot monster wave and we are still playing poker in the galley.

Resolution 4: I resolve that I will discuss and understand water issues in more detail. Castaic Lake Water Agency Board Member B.J. Atkins tells me that Santa Clarita is coming into a water crisis within the next year.

With decreasing water supplies from the Sacramento River Delta, we may soon be faced with the prospect of water rationing within this valley.

We need to think about conservation and, possibly, ripping out that pretty green lawn and installing a pretty artificial lawn.

Resolution 3: I resolve that I will consider any new idea with an open mind and a common-sense approach that is free of political correctness.

We have a state and nation in significant trouble and we must look at solutions that may offend certain sensibilities.

For example, why should we provide public assistance to individuals not in our country legally? Charity must begin at home.

Resolution 2: I resolve that my views of justice will be fair and blind with regards to politics. Our two valiant border patrol agents are still in jail after shooting a Mexican drug runner in the rump.

The fact that President Bush has allowed this situation to continue is incomprehensible. It is a stain on our nation.

Resolution 1: I resolve that I will read more and watch TV less. I will find the latest and best thoughts, both conservative and liberal, and seek to integrate them into a rationale philosophy that will bring the Republican Party back to preeminence in the coming years.

For all of our loyal opinion column readers, thank you very much for taking the time to read our prose.

Both conservative and liberal columnists work very hard to present our ideas in a way that is understandable and entertaining.

We appreciate your comments - both positive and negative.

Have a happy New Year!

Steve Lunetta is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. "Right About Now" runs Mondays in The Signal.


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