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What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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Posted: December 29, 2008 7:06 p.m.
Updated: December 30, 2008 4:30 a.m.
First place
My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas. I like to deliver corn bread, pumpkin bread, cookies and muffins to my neighbors. I cook all these sweets so they're homemade.
All of my neighbors want me to deliver that every year.
My sister and I love to make and cook sweets. We make lemon squares, brownies, Christmas balls and lemon pudding. Our friends and family love it.
We always give the fire department cookies because they save our community.
We also wrap a little present for Santa Claus for giving us gifts. One thing we give him is a little bit of what we cooked.
My dad always says that eggnog is the best kind of drink to give to Santa. We do this every year and it's fun but tiring.
I think Christmas is the best time to give our presents and sweets, but you should be happy with what you have already.
Nicole Jarel
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Second place
My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree. I get to put the star on and get to add all the gold and silver decorations. Then once all those decorations are on, I add the crazy and weird ones on. My favorite decoration is the one with a little Snoopy character on it. That is the best holiday tradition of them all.
My second favorite holiday tradition is going to my aunt's house on Christmas morning to open gifts. We all bring our presents to her house and we open them there. We also always have brunch at her house after opening all the presents. So my holiday is very fun from start to finish.
Emily Minkus
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Third place
Crazy string fight! Christmas is a fun time for my family.
On Christmas, we go to my mom's friend's house. It's so much fun! Every year we go to their house on the night of Christmas day and the kids have so much fun. We throw balloons down at the parents every single year. It is a night of laughs.
One reason why I like this tradition is because its so much fun!
We get great presents from my mom's friend. This tradition is also really fun because we get to spend Christmas with my really good friends. We don't get to see them often.
Christmas is a great time and I am glad I get to spend it with this tradition.
Ayana Sorrieddine
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is every Christmas morning my brother and I wake up my parents and see what's in my stocking.
Then we go to one of my relatives' houses. We eat breakfast there and we stay in our pajamas. We sometimes bring a toy that we like. Like one Christmas I brought a video camera to breakfast. That is one of my traditions.
On Christmas Eve night we go to a relative's house and put all the presents under the tree. Then some of the parents help make dinner. Then the children go and play in the backyard or in the house.
We eat dinner and wait till midnight or 10 or 11 o'clock. Then we open the presents. Then we go home. That is my Christmas tradition.
Claire Escudero
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is when all the neighbors get together for the new year. I like to wrestle with my friends.
Then, when it's near midnight we start counting down to the new year. My favorite part about that tradition is that it's outside in the street.
Finally, on the first day of the new year, after everybody got sleep, they have a party at my house.
My second favorite holiday tradition is the annual Christmas party at my grandparent's house. Everybody in my family and my cousins go to my grandparent's house. We open presents and eat dinner.
When we're done I play hide-and-go-seek or some type of game. It's really fun.
Sakeri Holter
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

One of my favorite holiday traditions is going down the street with my friends on New Year's Eve. We play with our neighbors and eat. We always stay up past 12 a.m.
The most fun thing to do, though, is to count down until the ball drops.
Another holiday tradition my family celebrates is waking up at 7 a.m. Since we do this every year my parent's aren't always happy waking up at 7 a.m. on Christmas morning. Usually my brother and I wake up earlier, but my parents don't like waking up that early.
There are many traditions my family celebrates.
Andrew Wiggins
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is my only holiday tradition so I guess it's my favorite.
The youngest child gets to open the first present. I am the oldest. Then my brother gets to open the second present. Then I get to open one. Then my mom opens one. Then my dad opens one. That is my favorite.
I guess I have one more. My dad usually makes orange squash soup. It is very tasty. It is very sweet. That is my Thanksgiving tradition.
Matthew McCardy
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is to go to my grandma and grandpa's houses. I see my cousins and aunt and uncle and they are happy to see me. We open gifts and eat dinner, decorate cookies and eat them. Then we rest and watch TV. Next we say good-bye and pack our gifts and leave.
That's not all yet, that was Christmas Eve. When we are driving I look up in the sky and look for Santa but I can't see him. We get home and we go to bed.
Next morning my maniac brother runs up and down the hall yelling "Christmas, Christmas!" I wake up and go to my mom and dad's room and wake my mom and dad up.
Next we open gifts and play with the toys we got. Now you know my holiday traditions.
Kiran Potter
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Every year on Christmas Eve I go to cut down a tree. We always want to get a fresh, tall Christmas tree, then we go home and we put ornaments on the tree. It is really fun putting decorations on it.
We always put lights and decorations all over my house every year. The day after Christmas my family and I go to my aunt's house. I get to see all of my other aunts and all of my cousins. It is always fun every year.
Brian Lewison
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite family tradition is on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. At 4 o'clock we start to drive to my aunt's house so when we get there it's 5:30. We stay at her house for a long time.
After we celebrate there we go to my grandmother's house to celebrate Christmas the next day. In the morning we eat breakfast.
After we eat breakfast we open presents. Also we open stockings. I like getting money and things I like. I am looking forward to Christmas and having a great time.
Christopher Kojin
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Every year, my family makes Christmas bread for Christmas. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions.
To make it we form the dough into the shape of a Christmas tree. We then get more dough and make it into many tiny doughnuts. We glaze them and put them on the tree we made. We glaze the tree and fill the mini doughnuts with jelly. After that, we bake the tree and it looks so good after that, I feel like I could eat the whole thing. That's why this is one of my favorite holiday traditions.
Another one of my favorite holiday traditions is on New Year's Eve. Every year on that day for dinner we go to Sicily's. That's the place where, every year for sometime now, we go to dinner.
I get dessert with my friend Tyler and it's a sundae with at least five brownies, five scoops of vanilla ice cream, a lot of chocolate sauce and a bunch of whipped cream. One year we ate it so fast, we finished it before Tyler's parents finished going to the rest room. Those are my favorite holiday traditions.
Jonathan Schallert
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary


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