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Raj Jawa: Question authority, avoid party obedience

Posted: September 8, 2012 2:00 a.m.
Updated: September 8, 2012 2:00 a.m.

We all want to be known or seen as individuals, not conforming to labels or branding. But by the same token, we then plaster our lives with liberal bumper stickers on our cars or conservative signs on our lawns because we think this is the politician who’s going to do something great and we want everyone to know it.

We clamor and herald our politician “heroes,” and yet bringing up an issue to them that they did not already agree with would probably yield disappointment as you find your representative gives little care about you as an individual voter.

If no one else cares about your issue in your district, it might as well be a non-issue to your representative.

Why be a sheep? Why be a pawn in the political process, unthinking for any side or issue? Why do you need to maintain something so rigidly?

Why do we fill our inbox with the one-sided propaganda and pleas for money from liberals or conservatives, all threatening you with the possibility of the other political puppet winning. Oh my, how different that would be!

It’s a classic problem: Human beings just want to fit in. It’s not something fully controllable, but it is something you can get a handle on if you are aware of it. We want to feel like we are a part of something — but most of all, we just would like to be decided so we don’t have to continue to really think about it.

So many people view the political process as a spectator sport, that you just choose these issues once and that’s it.

Politics is all about involvement and changing your ideas as time goes by; where would we be if people’s ideas never evolved?

We need to get and stay active, listen to the lying politicians of both sides, pick apart what they say, and compare what they say with what they’ve done.

Don’t just wave an “R” or a “D” around with pride and think you are someone well-informed on politics; at that point, you’re exactly what your liberals or conservatives want you to be, unquestioning and loyal to “your” party.

The government doesn’t run with our leaders gathering us all around to plan the next big thing; every speech, every talk is about what the politicians will do regardless of what the voters might think.

The government runs on auto-pilot with very little effective input from us. Our say, our vote, goes off in a room somewhere to be hung up like colorful child scribblings as the political process keeps spinning around us.

What I’m really saying here is: Take me with a grain of salt but also be wary of that PhD and question his or her motive. Is it drug company money? Is it your continuing visits to his or her office so the politician can pay for that second home?

A degree doesn’t make you intelligent, just like dropping out doesn’t make you stupid.

Always keep questioning and wondering. Find strength in knowledge and information instead of blind party loyalty.

Do your own research instead of listening to the spin of our politicians; search out the writers who question the words that the propositions left out or the underlying meaning of the words they do use.

Voters are a part of the checks and balances of this country. The politicians today are very pleased we are taking our job lightly.

Raj Jawa is a Saugus resident.


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