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What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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Posted: January 5, 2009 8:10 p.m.
Updated: January 6, 2009 4:55 a.m.

First place
Well every year on Christmas Eve, my grandparents come to our house to spend the night. At night my sisters and I put on our PJs, get a cup of cocoa, get our stuffed animal and blanket, and our mother drives us all around Valencia looking at Christmas lights.
Our favorite house with lights are what we call the "dancing lights." It has two huge light stands and small sets of lights everywhere else.
When we turn the radio onto a certain station the lights dance. It's really cool. Then we go home and have one s'more and roasted marshmallows.
In the morning we see what is in our stockings. Then we eat breakfast and wait till everyone was finished. Then we hand a present to each member of the family. We each open it one by one. We do that till every present has been opened.
After that we play with what we got. I love doing it every year. What makes it a tradition is that my mother did it when she was a little girl. Now we do it. When I'm married and have kids I'll do it with them and tell them how it started.
Rachel Miller
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Second place
My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas. Every morning on Christmas I wake up really early and go downstairs to look at stuff Santa brought. Then I go back upstairs and get back in bed. When everyone wakes up we call our nearby relatives and we open presents together.
Another tradition our family has is going to Home Depot and picking out a Christmas tree. My brother, my sister and I always play hide-and-seek in the Christmas trees. When we get home I always help put up the Christmas tree decorations while listening to Christmas music. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
Cassie White
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Third place
My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas. Every Christmas Eve everyone on my mom's side of the family goes to someone's house and we do so much stuff. This year it's at our house. We play games, watch a movie, play White Elephant and so much more. We have lots of fun.
On Christmas every morning, I wake up so early that it's like 3 a.m. I look in my stocking and see a lot of presents. At 8 or 9 a.m. we open our presents. We go out for dinner. My brother would go to work. Christmas is fun. It's the best.
Janessa Romero
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is when we play football with lots of my dad's friends on Thanksgiving morning. There is bubble gum, cookies and lots of candy. There are cardboard cheerleaders. It is fun.
Every year there is something called the MVT. It is a turkey that says MVT. MVT stands for Most Valuable Turkey. My dad got it. It was so fun. My dad's name is Tom. So we called it the Most Valuable Tom. It was so much fun!
Riley Strader
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Every year I have a tradition that I share with my sister. Her and I wake up every early in the morning and make excuses to get out of the room and look at what we got. Like "I have to go to the bathroom" or "I forgot to the brush my teeth this morning." But eventually we would just open the door as fast as we could and glance. Always a relative comes and helps us stay locked up.
The only reason I like to be locked up is that it makes me more anxious to get downstairs. Christmas is the best time of the year (next to New Year's). I love Christmas and our tradition. I just hope it will go faster when I'm waiting. I also love celebrating it with my family. I hope my family will keep coming, my traditions will keep going and everything will keep being fun.
Brenna Keogh
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

What's your favorite tradition? Mine is when my whole family sits down in the living room with the lights off and all the candles are lit. My parents, aunt and uncle sit down and talk about stuff while my brother, sisters and I have a holiday drink like eggnog or hot apple cider Christmas Eve night.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy because it's one of our traditions that we do all the time. It's also because we can all let out our problems and tell jokes. I love this tradition the most.
Abby Day
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

One of my favorite holiday traditions is that my grandparents always come. Then on every Christmas Eve night we go to a family restaurant. Then when we get home we walk around and see all the Christmas lights. My dad and me bring a football and we pass the football while we look.
Another tradition I have is on every New Year's we go skiing. And on New Year's Eve at night we set a timer at 12 a.m. We celebrate when it goes off. Then the next day it's a new year.
Miles Schirra
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is Chanukah. Every time it's Chanukah my family always comes to my house. My aunt, my aunt's husband, my two grandmas, and mom's brother, and my mom's brother's dog come to my house for Chanukah. Every time they come we always have the same food, like steak, pickles and ice cream.
When my brother lights the menorah he always does it every night. You light it once a day for eight nights. You get eight presents. My family always sings "Dreidel." Then we play the game Dreidel. That's my tradition for the holiday.
Jenny Katz
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

On New Year's my cousins come out to our house. We play, watch movies (and of course the New Year's Special). I have a lot of fun on New Year's.
At 11:59 p.m. everyone starts to count down to midnight. At 10 everyone gets really excited. We count: 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one ... Hurray, it's the new year! We run outside with poppers hats and noise makers. We run around in the cool crisp air yelling and cheering, "It's January!"
Jack Leib
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday traditions are putting up the Christmas tree and going to see everybody's Christmas lights. I love doing those things each year. It always makes the holiday special.
Me and my dad put up the Christmas tree each year. It's an artificial tree. Four years ago we realized that we didn't want to put up with a real tree every year. So we got an artificial tree. It's so fun putting it up.
Every year we drive in our PJs and go see all the Christmas lights in Northridge. There is this one street (I forgot what it's called) that looks like Christmas Island. Everybody should go to it.
Christmas is the best holiday in the world. Merry Christmas, Santa Clarita.
Jared Brosnan
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

My favorite holiday tradition is on Thanksgiving morning when we have a football game. At our football game, our neighborhood comes and plays football. One time my dad broke his wrist and my mom was not happy. It took about six months to heal (I think).
My other favorite holiday tradition is when it is Christmas. On Christmas we wake up, then we open our presents. Then we go to our cousins' house. Next we have a honey-baked ham dinner. My cousin and I get 5-7 slices of ham then we get 3-4 more. (Ham is very good.) Those are my favorite holiday traditions.
Brent Owens
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Every holiday in my family is a great one. But the most fun my family has is on Christmas.
As soon as December comes my block prepares for Christmas.
Some people start the month by putting up lights. Some give out advent calendars.
We love to work up the nerve to say "Christmas is here."
I prepare by making a cranberry cake. It has graham crackers, cranberries and cool whip. So that is my family tradition.
Brooke Dawson
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary


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