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What are you looking forward to in 2009?

Posted: January 26, 2009 9:31 p.m.
Updated: January 27, 2009 4:55 a.m.
First place
What I hope for in 2009 is to win my volleyball championship and to move on to Placerita.

I want to win my championship because we never end up in first place. We end up in last, so I am going to try my best to get my team in first.

I am going to tell my coach we should practice three days a week, not only one day a week.

I imagine myself serving. The other team passes it over, one of the girls spikes it and it hits the ground just when the buzzer goes on, and we win.

I want to move on to Placerita because I want to make my parents happy that I am going to graduate from elementary school.

Graduation is important to my parents, and if it makes them happy I am going to try my best to graduate.
I am going to get my grades up by studying for my tests and paying more attention to my teacher.

I can imagine myself getting my diploma in my graduation telling me they are proud of me while going to the car. That's what I hope for in 2009.

Andreina P.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

Second place
For 2009, I am looking forward to being an aunt. Then there will be someone who is younger than me and someone who will look up to me.

When the baby is old enough, I could help him or her through rough times in his or her life.

Also, when the baby is born and old enough, I can baby-sit him or her.

I am really hoping that the baby is a girl because when I'm with her I can do her hair and pick out clothes for her.

That's why I'm really hoping the baby will be a girl. So there are many reasons why I can't wait to be an aunt.

Hannah C.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

Third place
What I am looking forward to in 2009 is to go to Washington, D.C., to play soccer.

I want to go because I want to get better so I can be a professional soccer player, be on a soccer team and go to other places around the world.

I would like them to teach me how to pass the ball better to my teammates. The position I really need help in is forward because I have to get practice in shooting the ball in the goal box.

Cristian H.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

In 2009, my hope is to do better in school, to graduate out of elementary school and to go to junior high school.

I would have to have someone help me with my school work, especially math. What I would have to do to do better in math is to take my math book home and do some pages. Then I should ask somebody to check them, like my sister.

I will do everything I can do make my hopes for 2009 come true.

Sandra M.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

My goal for 2009 is to move on from elementary school to junior high.

I would love to move on to a higher grade level and not be left behind by all my friends. I have to get better grades.

To get better in school I will have to get extra practice in math. I will get extra help in math by asking my older brother to tutor me. I will have to take my text books home and study a lot!

Right now I have twos. I want to go to the threes and fours.

Elementary school is like your first baby steps. Junior high is like standing up.

I am in my "first baby steps." I want to stand up and move on. I know my goal will come true. I will shine in 2009.

Jessica P.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

For 2009, I'm looking forward to getting better grades in reading comprehension.

I want to get better grades in reading comprehension because it will come in handy in the future. I will get better grades in reading comprehension by studying and reading more.

I'm also looking forward to getting better in volleyball. I want to get better in volleyball because it's my favorite sport and I want to be on a volleyball team when I grow up. I will get better in volleyball by practicing more.

I also want to keep my room clean. I want to keep my room clean because it's very messy. I will keep my room clean by cleaning it up every day and throwing away stuff I don't need. That's what I'm looking forward to in 2009.

Osiris C.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

For 2009, I am looking forward to my best friend Sandra coming to visit me.

Sandra lives in San Diego. We will do a lot of things like talk, play fight, go to the mall, go to parties and go to the beach when it's summertime or a hot day. We could even just talk because we don't spend a lot of time together.

We will have a sleepover at my big, tall, light-colored apartment.

The last time I saw her was on Sunday, January 11, 2009, and I miss her already. I can't wait until Sandra comes to my apartment in 2009.

Brenda M.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

My goal in 2009 is to visit the poor and the sick in the hospital and give them flowers.

I will also talk with them a bit because some might have no family.

I will ask my dad to take me whenever I can. Visiting the sick will make me feel a little sad, but also happy.

Marco B.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

I hope 2009 will be a great year for me because school is back and I'm ready to get my work done.

One thing I want to achieve in school is to get good grades in math, spelling and social studies. The reason I want to achieve these goals is because I want to make it to junior high.

The second thing I want to achieve for the New Year is to have fun and play with my friends because I hardly ever hang out with them.

The last thing on my New Year's list is to spend time with my family because we should be together all the time, either good or bad.

I can imagine that all my goals are completed. I get a lot of good grades, I'm going to junior high, my family is happy for me, I am able to do more stuff with my friends and I am excited. Finally, I get to spend time with my family by hanging out with them. What a great year 2009 will be for me!

Julian H.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary

For 2009, what I look forward to is to get better grades. Last year I wasn't doing well, so for this year I want it to change. I don't want to be the girl that is not going to pass and all my friends are.

What I'm going to do this year is to practice more, focus on my work and not just finish really fast. When I start getting better grades my parents are going to be really proud of me. If I get good grades for college I could get a job and be what I want to be when I grow up.

Leezly H.
Grade 6
Peachland Elementary


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