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Michael Picarella: Valentine’s Day: I must reflect

Picarella Family Report

Posted: February 6, 2009 9:37 p.m.
Updated: February 7, 2009 4:55 a.m.
Michael Picarella Michael Picarella
Michael Picarella
The following are random Valentine's Day reflections:

My wife is not a big fan of chocolate. She feels horribly guilty whenever she nibbles even one small bit of a Hershey's chocolate kiss.

I buy my wife the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolates every Valentine's Day to show my love.

Valentine's Day is a special day for a kid. It's when you ask someone special to be your Valentine. It's when someone special asks you to be his or her Valentine. It's a very revealing day, indeed a very special day.

My 5-year-old son and the rest of his classmates aren't supposed to put names on their Valentine's cards, and they must bring enough of these generalized cards for the entire class.

A dozen roses during Valentine's season costs nearly double the normal price.

I bought my wife a wonderful bouquet back in January before the Valentine's Day price hike. The poor flowers died before I could give them to her.

My son once got into trouble at school when he kept telling all the girls in his class that he loved them. It seems other students and/or their parents were uncomfortable about it. My wife and I told him he couldn't tell people at school that he loves them.

We sent our boy to school with "I love you" Valentine's cards on the day he and his friends celebrated Valentine's Day.

Last Valentine's Day, a friend of mine made an "I love you" banner and hung it on a freeway overpass where his wife would hopefully see it on her way home.

I left an "I love you" message for my wife on her voicemail so she'd definitely get the greeting.

I saw a jewelry store commercial on TV that said it's great to give jewelry on Valentine's Day.

I went to that particular store from the advertisement and they wouldn't give me anything.

Last year, the candy companies that make those heart candies with the little messages on them discontinued the "Kiss Me" pieces because people complained that their young children were kissing strangers.

My son got into trouble for kissing one of his friends during their Valentine's Day celebration this year. I threw out all his Valentine's candy. My wife and I don't want him eating candy that's a year old.

When the power goes out at night in our house, my wife and I light candles so that we can see. I must admit, I can't even see five inches away from the flame.

On Valentine's Day, my wife and I sometimes have candlelit dinners, when we face each other and share a meal and our love. I never can see her or my food.

Cupid reportedly became associated with Valentine's Day because he was the son of Venus, the Roman god of love and beauty. Cupid is often depicted as shooting arrows of love at loved ones.

My son shot a toy arrow at me for Valentine's. It hurt.

I understand that women love receiving handwritten poems of love on Valentine's Day.

I wrote up a most eloquent bit of romantic prose for my wife this year, but I couldn't find the "handwriting" font in Microsoft Word.

Last year, my wife and I agreed to get each other simple gifts on Valentine's Day. I gave her a $20 gift card to the bookstore and she gave me a $20 gift card to the same bookstore.

This year, we'll just meet at the bookstore with the checkbook.

Valentine's Day is a day when lovers express their love for each other.

Every year, I get a Valentine's Day e-card from a complete stranger.

Paying it forward, here's a "Happy Valentine's Day" to you, too.

Michael Picarella is a Valencia resident and a proud husband and father. To contact Picarella or to read more stories, go to His column reflects his own opinion and not necessarily that of The Signal.


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