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Betty Arenson: Where is the outrage?

Posted: May 24, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: May 24, 2013 2:00 a.m.

Perhaps there is hope that change will come sooner rather than later with regard to Americans at last expressing due and civil outrage. "Where is the outrage" is a question that has never been more appropriate than under the administration of President Barack Obama.

A mere memory scratch brings to mind an abbreviated list of subjects: exclusive partisan passage of the unread Obamacare with its selective political waivers; the Fast and Furious sloppy gun-running operation that killed at least two Americans and benefited Mexican drug cartels; the refusal of the U.S. Justice Department to prosecute The New Black Panthers for voter intimidation irrespective of video/audio evidence and congressional testimony; Obama’s refusal to call terrorists as "terrorists" versus boys-gone-bad and to name terrorism as "terrorism" versus workplace violence or tragedy; the absence of facts on the Benghazi murders; the unfettered and unlimited violations by the IRS and the threats to our Constitution’s First and Second Amendments.

The whole factual list is so long it could be called a scroll. As each disgrace materializes, another takes a back seat such as a magistrate suddenly appearing in the hospital room of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ("alleged terrorist") and Mirandizing him amid an otherwise fruitful FBI investigation. Yet another atrocious order from Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

Its an ugly picture. Don’t be gullible or fooled when President Obama tells us "there is no ‘there’ there" or when his rabid followers try to sell their "faux scandals" garbage.

This president and his cadre of advisors and czars openly state that the leader of the most powerful country in the world hears about major turpitudes from the same six o’clock news as John Q. Public.

That’s very telling. Appearances are that they all think so little of him as a competent leader, they don’t tell him anything.

A real leader would be outraged and fire them all for embarrassing him.

The Washington Times (May 21, 2013) "White House plotted with Treasury on how to reveal IRS misdeeds" exposes how this administration schemed to fool the public.

By extension it shows how groundwork is laid to allow involved and knowing parties to proclaim "I don’t know" and hide behind the Fifth Amendment.

The more knowledge Americans gain, the more we are irked. Perhaps there is light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Fox polls released May 21 reveal that 68 percent of those polled think the government is out of control and 32 percent believe the IRS scandal is the most significant.

The IRS bodies are unreachable and impenetrable while they have the unlimited and immeasurable ability to arbitrarily destroy lives. That simplicity makes this particular scandal clearly tangible to Americans.

The CNN/ORC poll released this week found that a significant majority of Americans believes Congress is not overreacting in investigating the snowballing scandals of the Obama Administration.

The poll cites that 59 percent say Congress is right to investigate the Benghazi terrorism and 54 percent think Congress is on the right path to investigate the slimy deeds of the IRS.

It is very plausible that the more the Congressional hearings uncover, the more Americans will awaken and realize that we are living in a country run by "leaders" who are either lying to us or are purely incompetent.

Actor Clint Eastwood was belittled by liberals for his skit at the Republican Convention last year wherein he had a conversation with President Obama as an empty chair.

Ironically a few months later, it doesn’t seem to be satire at all.

Betty Arenson is a Valencia resident. Right Here Right Now is published every Friday in The Signal.


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