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Three for liberty: Is the current policy our future?

Posted: June 4, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: June 4, 2013 2:00 a.m.

We have some questions about Benghazi and administration policies to ask of President Barack Obama and our fellow Americans:

1. Why are our fellow American citizens seemingly ignoring the terrible admission recently that the U.S. government admitted to killing four American citizens without trial?

2. We are told that only one American was specifically targeted, but how do we know that?

3. How is it that three Americans were killed that were "not specifically targeted" outside of the field of war, when they weren’t in the same location at the same time?

4. Who was the government actually targeting when it killed these three Americans?

5. Are Americans so disaffected by the Obama administration having been caught lying about the reason for Benghazi that they cannot possibly ask these questions?

6. What will Americans do, besides nothing, in response?

7. If Attorney General Eric Holder admits that he "messed up" in the acknowledgement of the IRS scandal during last year’s election, how are we expected to trust him when he also says these drones strikes "undergo rigorous review" prior to launch?

8. What kind of oversight can we expect will pass from this administration to the next to ensure all future strikes are precise and necessary?

9. How can we, with our sensibilities, our spirituality and our core of beliefs regarding human life, condone such actions by the very government we pay taxes to every year?

10. Does the U.S. government, including President Obama, know that according to some sources such as @Dronestream on Twitter, our "success" rate for targeted drone strikes is only about 2 percent, while 98 percent of the drones strike deaths are civilians, including women and kids?

11. Are foreign lives worth less than Americans lives? Are they?

12. Should foreign citizens around the world not have a reasonable expectation of safety from unmanned aerial strikes and execution without trial?

13. If the "shoe were on the other foot," would Americans stand such an egregious and fatal mistake from a foreign power?

14. Would we not be outraged, and urge our government to retaliate swiftly and harshly?

15. Are we to solemnly take Obama for his word that the Americans killed in these strikes presented too great of a danger to our country, that they could not possibly be captured and brought to trial in our courts for their accused crimes?

16. Will we, as citizens, ever know the factual nature of threats that the government uses to give approval for the killing of American citizens without trial?

17. Is the fact that the president commented he is "..deeply troubled by civilians unintentionally killed in the strikes" (and having announced more restrictive rules governing the attacks) going to actually result in a more effective strategy with less civilian casualties?

18. Isn’t it fair to surmise that the ruthless, but arguably necessary, hunting down of Al Qaeda members will create more terrorists from which to perpetuate this war for the next 20 or more years?

19. Is this what is currently almost a 12-year "war on terror" going to end with Al Qaeda?

Or is current policy our future?


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