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What historic figure would you like to meet?

Posted: March 2, 2009 8:29 p.m.
Updated: March 3, 2009 4:55 a.m.
First place
I would like to meet Michael Phelps because I want to know what he ate before the Olympics and how hard it was to be in the Olympics, if he is going to be in the next Olympics, and how it feels to win the gold medal.
Michael Phelps, I think, ate a lot to have energy. He probably works very hard to be in the Olympics. I think he said he was going to win the Olympics. How does it feel to win 13 gold medals?
Brent O.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Second place
If only I could meet who made history. If only I could meet Walt Disney, the one who created the Land of Disney and Disney Studios. If he were still alive today, Disney Studios would have twice as many movies, and they would be even better. This man created the famous Disneyland or as I called it, the Land of Disney, just by having a vision. He has made the famous old Disney movies and many more.
I would love to meet Walt Disney becaue he is an amazing and famous cartoon artist. He put together the happiest place on earth just by having a vision. And he also made a college for the arts right here in Santa Clarita called The California Institute of the Arts, aka CalArts. This man has done amazing things for the United States and the world. After he built Disneyland, before he died, he made Disneyworld in Florida which inspired people to make Disneylands in other countries like France and China. Thousands of people all over the world apply to his school, too. Mr. Walt Disney is an amazing person. That's why I would like to meet him.
Erica P.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Third place
If I had to meet a historical figure, I would meet Michael Jordan. I would really like to meet Michael Jordan because he was a great basketball player and I really look up to him.
He's won many awards like "Best Dunk" and "All Star MVP." He's a great influence to me and many other people. Even though he liked baseball, he wasn't good at it because it wasn't his calling. I'll never think of basketball the same way again. Now I play basketball every day after school. Thanks, Michael Jordan.
Rachel M.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Have you met Michael Phelps? If you have, make a copy of that autograph and send it to me. I have wanted to meet him even before the 2008 Olympics. He won six gold medals, but one short to tie with Mark Spitz. In 2008 his challenge was known. Yet, he succeeded.
It has been my dream to meet "the greatest swimmer in the world." I have three posters of Michael, and I have swum every day since I was 11. Now he is still in the pool but not with his coach. Him and groups of autistic kids are swimming together
The autograph should be mailed by now, so I'm going to go check. Bye!
Brenna K.
Helmers Elementary
5th grade

If I could a historical figure it would be George Washington. I would like to meet him because he was the first president of the United States.
Also, he was the general in the Revolutionary War and inspired lots of people to fight for their country. He was a great leader. I think he was awesome.
Christopher K.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

Lights, camera, action! If you ask me which historical figure I'd want to meet, I'd choose Shirley Temple. She's so talented! She's a singer and an actor! I love her movies. Some make me laugh real loud but others make me cry. Three cheers for Shirley!
It would be an honor to meet her. I would ask her so many questions. I may even ask her if she even likes the drink called "Shirley Temple." As you can see I am a huge fan. And I will never forget her voice or skills. Let's hope you still remember her too. Now for those three cheers.
Abby D.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

If only I could meet the one person who changed the way of music. The one person who showed that life isn't all riches when you are a kid. The person who showed that no matter how poor you are as a kid, you can still make it big when you are older ... the King of rock 'n' roll, Elvis Presley.
Elvis Presley made a big impression in history. He would be such an amazing person to meet. There would be a lot I could ask him, and so much I could learn. He is the idol of so many people and it is sad to know that no matter how hard people wish to have a minute of conversation with him, it will never happen.
One reason why I would want to meet Elvis is because of all the history he made. He changed music (and dance too, of course.) I would also like to meet him because of his amazing life of making it big time. He was lucky enough to live his dream.
Another reason is because he is said to have been a great person who is really funny too. I would have had a great time.
Last, I would want to meet someone as historical as Elvis for many reasons. He is amazing.
Ayana S.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

If I could meet a historical figure I would want to meet Barack Obama. Barack Obama is to me the first person I thought of because he is the first African American president. To me that is very historical. Now I have to say why, but to me, it should be why not. Mr. Obama is smart, wise, kind and caring. He cares for America like his two daughters. My parents voted for him and if I could I would too (but I'm only 10 years old.)
So many people in my family said, "I would have never thought I would live to see the day when we have a smart African American president, and now I have." My family is thankful for the Obama family.
Brooke D.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

I would like to meet Albert Einstein, one of the best scientists ever. He discovered a state of matter. I can't remember it because it is really long. He also has a very famous equation, E=mc2 That means energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light and squared. That is what he did that makes me want to meet him.
Did you know that when he was a kid he hated school? That is really weird because he was so smart. That school counselors told his mom that he was dumb. Then she bought him a violin and his grades skyrocketed. That is why I play cello. That is why I think he is the coolest scientist.
Matthew M.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

If I had to pick any historical figure to meet I would like to meet Jackie Robinson. I would like to meet him because he was a great baseball player and I like baseball. He also was the first black person to play baseball. He was an impact on the world because he inspired African American people to play. If you see now there's a lot of African Americans playing baseball just because of him.
He was also a good hitter and he was the first African American baseball player to hit a home run. He was really skinny and tall and was a fast runner. His best friend that lived right next to him was Willie Mays. They both made it to the majors. That's why I want to meet Jackie Robinson.
Miles S.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

If I could meet a historical figure, it would be Shirley Temple. I would want to meet Shirley Temple because she was an actress and I think she was good at acting. If I could meet her I would ask her why she wanted to be an actress. I would also ask her how she became an actress.
I would also ask her if she liked acting. I would like to see her in one of her movies. I think I saw one of Shirley Temple's movies when I was 5 years old. I want to see it again. That's why I want to meet Shirley Temple.
Claire E.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary

LaDainian Tomlinson. 29 touchdowns in one season. He had an average of two touchdowns per game. That's unbelievable!
LaDainian Tomlinson or "LT" is the best running back of all time. He has thousands of rushing yards, hundreds of touchdowns and has been on the Chargers his whole life. He has changed history for the NFL, National Football League.
One of the best things I like about LT is he is nice on and off the field. He donates to charity, helps kids with problems and teaches kids football. He loves kids, has fun with them and he shows sportsmanship. LT will continue to help all kids even after he retires.
Michael R.
Grade 5
Helmers Elementary


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