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Which issue/race on Tuesday’s ballot is most important to you?


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ladybooker: November 7, 2011 12:57 a.m.

I've spent a huge amount of time reading the ballot, reading the Signal articles and editorials about Measure E, and this is what I've learned.

The people have not been told all the details about this ballot measure. And here is what has been left out of your articles in the newspaper and the information in the Sample Ballot ;
1 - We are still paying for Measure K passed in 1999.
2 -The bond money for that bond ($35.5 milliom) was completely spent by 2006, yet we are still paying it back and will be paying it back for 14 more years until the YEAR 2025.
3 -If Measure E is passed, homeowners would not even begin to pay this bond back until 2026 and continue to have it on their property tax bill for 25 more years until 2050. Yes, that's right not just our children will continue to pay off this bond but our grandchildren as well.
4 - Money that gets to be spent right now doesn't even begin to be paid back for another 14 years.

5 -Looking at the lists of how the Measure E funds would be spent:
Why do 3 brand new schools built just 8 years and 5 years ago need to have the entire school's lighting upgraded and replaced? The heating, ventiliation and air conditioning units replaced as well?

6 -Under Measure K all our schools were either new or did have their technology infrastructure upgraded by 2006 just 5 years ago, yet now we read under Measure E that all schools again need technology upgrades? Was it not done right 5 years ago?

And finally, what message does this Bond Measure send to Sacramento? You can just keep cutting education, that's OK, we'll just go to our property owners every 5 years to get all the funding for our schools.

Many of our homeowners have lost their jobs, are having trouble making their mortgage payments, are barely getting by, are on fixed incomes with no increases, and we expect them to add years, and years and years of indebtedness to build science Labs and Performing Arts Auditoriums - not in this economy - I just can't believe NSD is asking people and their children and grandchildren to spend the next 39 years paying back the bonds they either already have spent or want to spend right now.

Not in this economy - I will be voting NO on Meassure E on Tuesday, November 8th.

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